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Revolting Rhymes And Dirty Beasts

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Revolting Rhymes And Dirty Beasts

If you're wanting to buy a book I have put together some facts. Revolting Rhymes And Dirty Beasts by Roald Dahl / Alan Cumming makes a great child's book. The author is Roald Dahl / Alan Cumming and the publisher is HarperFestival. This child's book went on sale in April of 2002. While you read, think about the scenario within your head, add to cart by clicking on the weblink below.


ISBN: 0060091274
Author: Roald Dahl / Alan Cumming

If you believed you knew the stories of some in essentially the most popular fairy tales, think once again. Dirty Beasts Here are six of the best known tales retold with more than a twist or two, by that master in the comic and the bloodcurdling, Roald Dahl.

Meet Roald Dahl's ghastly menagerie of wonderful comic animals. Performed by Alan Cumming The collection includes the poor toad that jumps to France, the pig who ponders on the meaning of life, along with the anteater who gets the incorrect end of the stick.


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